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6 Autumn Events in the Algarve

Whether in summer or autumn, the Algarve is always a region that welcomes its visitors with the most beautiful landscapes and the characteristic human warmth of the locals. There is no best time to visit this region, as there are numerous benefits to spending a few days relaxing by the sea at any time of the year. If you haven't already planned a trip during the most melancholy time of year, take a few days and see what events are coming up in the Algarve. Discover our suggestions and take the opportunity to combine your holiday with the cultural moments of the coming months.

The days of lying on a towel soaking up the sun on one of the beaches in the Algarve may be over and only return in 2023, but, on the other hand, there is so much to choose from. Spend a cultural holiday in the Algarve this autumn with our suggestions for events.

1. Show Lar Doce Lar - 3 and 4 November

When we talk about the actors Joaquim Monchique and Maria Rueff, we know that every event they are involved in is filled with humour. This play was the first show that brought Joaquim and Maria Rueff on stage together and made the audience laugh. Humour will be at the Lagos Cultural Centre halls on 3 and 4 November. This online platform sells tickets for € 12 per person.

2. Gilmário Vemba Show - Temas - 5 November

We continue with the theme of humour, this time with Gilmário Vemba and his show Temas. For one year, the comedian and recent radio host will present new themes in various shows from north to south of the country, all with the artist's unique and contagious humour. Mark your presence at the Centro Cultural de Lagos on November 5 and laugh a lot for 70 minutes. Get your ticket on this online platform.

3. Walk & Art Fest - 4 to 6 November

Already a landmark event in the region, this festival starts this Friday in Barão de São João. For three days, there will be various activities in nature related to walking and art. All events will take place at the Barão de São João Cultural Centre. During the weekend, you can expect activities on poetry, cyanotype, activities for children to expand their knowledge, yoga, alternative therapies, workshops, thematic walks and mountain bike tours. Everything takes place between Barão de São João and Bensafrim, and you should register for the various free activities via the Walk & Art Fest website.

4. Pedra Dura, Algarve Dance Festival - 10 to 13 November

Do you love to move to the sound of music? Then this is the festival for you! The first edition of this festival will take place in 2022. The first of many, we hope, to introduce new cultural perspectives to the Algarve region. During these four days, the programme includes several dance shows at the Centro Cultural de Lagos, DJ performances in a city bar, astronomical observations with the Centro de Ciência Viva de Lagos, performances, installations, lectures, watching a documentary film and a masterclass at the Lagos Dance School. All activities are good reasons to get up and dance to the music that will be heard at various venues throughout Lagos from November 10 to 13. The full schedule is available on the Pedra Dura Festival website.

5. Visits: Toponymy and memories of discoveries in Lagos - 13 November

A holiday in the Algarve is an excellent way to learn about the origins of Portuguese history. The great voyages of discovery into the unknown began in this region, and as a result of these adventures, famous people such as Prince Henry the Navigator passed through Lagos. On this tour of 15th and 16th century sites, you'll learn more about this period, which was significant not only for Portugal but for the rest of the world as well. This tour is free, but you have to register through this form.

6. São Martinho, Portimão Fair - 4 to 13 November

It began in 1662 and continues to this day. The 359th edition starts on 4 November and promises great entertainment along the Arade River in the Parque de Feiras e Exposições de Portimão. Ride the most challenging carousels in history, eat the typical churros, try the dried octopus that's always present at all fairs in Portugal, and don't forget to order a dozen roasted chestnuts. The São Martinho Fair is a regional landmark and has free entry. Find out where this event takes place in the Algarve.


Visit the Algarve in the autumn and be surprised by the various events that take place. Please contact our reception for additional event suggestions in the Algarve.