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8 Activities for Kids in the Algarve

With the arrival of good weather in the Algarve, many families are drawn to the south of the country. During the holidays, the main activities of those who visit are the moments spent on the beach, between playing in the sand, sunbathing and long swims in the sea. Even if the beach is your favourite activity to spend time with your children, we believe it is important to have a plan B to make the most of your holiday in the Algarve. Learn about other activities for kids and satisfy even the most demanding children's wishes.


1. Beach day with the children

Plans to avoid the traditional trip to the beach can wait for another day. Beforehand, fulfil the children's wishes and take the first dip of the year in the Algarve sea. If your beach trip only means lying on the towel for hours, this is the perfect time to find out about other programmes that offer endless play opportunities with the kids. Be creative and encourage the little ones to participate in the children's activities at the beaches near Jardim da Meia Praia.

Plan a day of water activities for children and adults at Meia Praia beach. Book your activities at the Jardim da Meia Praia reception and take surfing, SUP or kitesurfing lessons. If you are still feeling energetic at the end of the day, challenge the kids to a beach paddle ball game. Meia Praia, with its 5.5 kilometres of wide sand, is one of the best beaches for this and other games.

2. Birdwatching in the Algarve

Our second suggestion is about nature, new knowledge and a different view of the typical Algarve beach set for the younger ones. Join the children on this adventure and learn about the bird species that fly over the region's skies.

Did you know that thousands of species cross the sky in both the western and eastern Algarve? Some migrate from northern Europe to Africa, stopping over in Portugal to feed and rest. In early autumn, in October, you can attend the biggest birdwatching festival in Sagres, just a few minutes from Jardim da Meia Praia. If your holiday always coincides with summer, this won’t be a problem and you can also watch the birds from places like Paul de Lagos or the Alvor estuary (Ria de Alvor).

3. A day in nature

A day in nature has so many benefits that children and adults should spend at least one day a week under trees and taking in the fresh air. In the great outdoors, children get sunshine that produces vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption, a key factor for healthy growth. In nature, the child also gets stimuli that are not available in the city. The colours, smells and textures present in nature awaken the senses and encourage creativity.

Although the Algarve is best known for its excellent beaches, there are also several picnic parks with all the facilities for outdoor meals and games between parents and children. Just a few minutes from the resort, you can visit the National Forest of Barão de São João and spend a day between nature walks, playing on the slides and barbecue food.

4. A day dedicated to the Algarve’s gastronomy

We know that holidays are for resting and not thinking about the meals we have to prepare for lunch and dinner. But on this day, let the children take the kitchen by storm and prepare the family meal. Even if it is a complicated task for the younger ones, they will love learning about the products from the sea and land. Get up early and visit one of the 9 markets in Lagos. Some are in the city centre, others in the municipalities like Odiáxere or Espiche. Choose a typical Algarve recipe together and shop there. Not only will you find organic and tasty products, but you will also support the local economy.

Encourage your children to try new flavours, teach them to search for the best ingredients, and finally, prepare a tasty meal in the kitchen of your apartment or townhouse. Check this page for the opening hours of all the markets in Lagos.

5. Cycling tour

The Algarve offers so many sceneries that it is almost impossible to choose a favourite. Cycling can take you through mountainous landscapes, along the coast or between inland villages that still retain the historical landscapes. There is no better way to get to know the region than a bike ride with the children. Encouraging this activity for the youngest in the Algarve becomes an adventure full of challenges, new insights and physical exercise.

Start by renting a bike in Lagos and then set off on an adventure along the Avenida dos Descobrimentos in Lagos towards the typical villages with the white houses of Praia da Luz, Burgau and Barão de São João. Follow cycling route No. 26 - Lagos here or discover other routes to enjoy one of the best summer activities.

6.Water parks in the Algarve

Water parks match the Algarve and kids choose it as the best summer activity. The nice thing about water parks is that they are perfect for both children and adults who want to add a dose of adrenaline and fun to their holiday.

At Slide & Splash in Lagoa you can slide down the Black Hole, a fully enclosed 16-metre-high slide for two. At Aqualand in Alcantarilha you can relax a little in the wave pool. At Aquashow in Quarteira, you can experience adrenaline rushes again on the Watercoaster, one of the largest water roller coasters in the world, with a height of 23.5 metres.

7. Parque Aventura Lagos

Get ready! The activities at Parque Aventura de Lagos are suitable for all ages. Have fun and take the kids through the paths between the trees and down the giant slides without ever looking down. Choose the paths based on your level of experience. The curious and adventurous levels are solely for youngsters, while the fearless level is for adults or children above 1.50m tall.

At Parque Aventura, there is also a flat area for a team game that requires a lot of strategy. If you have never played paintball before, prepare to get dirty, but have a lot of fun! To play, gather at least six participants aged 10 and up and select one of three paintball packs. Best of all, this park is only 5 minutes from Jardim da Meia Praia and also has a picnic area.

8. Mini golf

Did you know there are at least two mini golf courses just a few minutes from Jardim da Meia Praia? This is another activity you can do together with your children to discover the real world of golf on a course specially designed for the youngest.

In Lagos, the Pro Putting Garden offers 9 and 18 hole green fees where you can learn, play and also play at a professional level. In Alvor, you have everything in one place to relax and, above all, have fun. Relax on the terrace while the kids practise their swing on the mini golf course in Golfland. If you prefer, bring your clubs and practise your swings on a golf simulator on the best golf courses in the world.

Beach days in the Algarve are good, now imagine adding these activities for children to your holidays? Make your plans and thrill your little ones with these or other summer activities and book it all conveniently at the Jardim da Meia Praia reception.