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Benefits of walking on the beach

Spending a holiday in the Algarve without going to the beach at least once is like going to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. The Algarve's beaches often win international awards for their environmental quality, accessibility and the facilities they offer. That is why many families return to this beautiful sea paradise every year.

Did you know that the beach has many health benefits? Would you like to know what they are? Read this article to the end and enjoy the benefits of walking on the beach in summer or winter.

Walking is an excellent exercise for everyone, including those who dislike coming to the gym. This simple exercise can be done daily and is suitable for all ages. It does not require a lot of effort and still helps relieve the stress of everyday life. We recommend walking in the Algarve. As this is an exercise that visitors to the region already practise, the beaches can be a great place to benefit from the tranquil surroundings and sea breeze.


Benefits of walking

Everyone goes for a walk during the day, but does the short stroll from the car to work count? The premise is simple: walk. However, we cannot consider the walk from the automobile to work to be exercise. To exercise your body effectively, you need to walk longer and enjoy the experience. Learn more about the benefits of walking every day.

1. Weight loss

If your goal is to lose weight, there is nothing better than walking every day. Be aware that there are rules! To lose weight successfully, you should walk at least 30 minutes a day at a moderate pace.

We're used to hearing those 10,000 steps per day equals an active lifestyle. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) prefers to count steps in minutes. The step should be of a specific leg height, and the pace should be moderate, as previously stated. You may not see improvements if you merely count the steps since you may perform the workout wrong. To see improvements, the WHO recommends walking for 30 minutes a day and exercising for an extra hour at home or in the gym.

2. Exercise your muscles

Get rid of the fat in your body and tone your muscles. The areas that get the most exercise when you walk are the abdomen, legs and buttocks. If you are walking on the beach, decide on the level of difficulty you want for that day. Walking on wet sand is easier for your body. However, walking on dry sand is significantly more difficult, resulting in more effort.

3. Stimulate the circulation

Did you know that you can prevent unsightly varicose veins by going for a walk? Walking stimulates blood circulation and brings blood to the body extremities by dilating the vessels. To avoid problems with poor circulation, go for a walk whenever you can.

4. Calm sleep

This was one of the most frequently reported problems in the last two years of the pandemic. Insomnia means that people have difficulty sleeping the recommended number of hours. When the body does not rest properly, there are several associated risks such as memory loss, ageing skin, higher risk of accidents, tendency to eat more and choose high-calorie foods or risk of stroke.

Physical activity generally contributes to a more restful sleep, and walking, which is considered moderate to intense exercise, is an excellent solution for nights of deep sleep.

5. The production of endorphins

Endorphins, better known as happiness hormones, are produced in our bodies in response to certain stimuli such as stress, pain or fear. These hormones are produced when we enjoy a portion of delicious food or exercise. After each walk at a moderate pace, the effect of endorphins can last up to 72 hours.

6. Prevents osteoporosis

This is a low-impact workout and thus one among the finest for those with osteoporosis. Walking also helps to increase bone density, reduce the risk of fractures and improve motor coordination and balance. If you suffer from this condition, walk for 30 minutes a day and avoid falls that can lead to fractures.

7. Walking improves memory

Several studies show that daily walks contribute to good memory. Exercise revitalises and develops the brain's white matter, which promotes thinking and memory. As this daily physical activity is suitable for all age groups, it is one of the best ways to combat dementia in old age.

8. For diabetes prevention

When you walk, you reduce the amount of sugar in your body and thus diminish the possibility of developing diabetes. When you walk, your body produces insulin and increases the use of glucose by your muscles, which lowers blood sugar levels. It also reduces overall body fat, which helps to reduce obesity-related diabetes complications.


Benefits of walking on the beach

A walk on the beach has even more health benefits than a simple walk in the city. The benefits for the body and mind are numerous, but here are the most important ones to make you consider this exercise in the future during your holiday at Jardim da Meia Praia.

1. Vitamin D

It is an essential vitamin for the absorption of calcium in the bones, and the best part is that we can absorb it very easily in our body. The reason for this is our bodies absorb vitamin D through the sun and food, with the sun accounting for 90% and food accounting for 10%.

To get the desired effect, do your beach walks before the hottest hours of the day before 10 am. If possible, wear t-shirts and shorts so that the skin can absorb the vitamin D. Do not use sunscreen to facilitate the process unless you have very fair skin.

2. Motor coordination

When we walk on the beach, we notice that the ground is uneven, and the body is forced to adapt to the sand in order to stay in the correct position. This little exercise on the beach makes balance, strength and flexibility the right ingredients to promote better motor coordination.

If you decide to walk on the beach, choose light shoes with flexible soles or, if you prefer, go barefoot to exercise the foot muscles as well.

3. Stress control

We've already mentioned that physical exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones), but we haven't mentioned that spending time in nature reduces stress.

When you go outside and be in contact with nature, your sense of well-being doubles. So, we can say that a walk on the beach helps lower the stress levels related to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

We managed to convince you to walk during your holidays in the Algarve? There are numerous benefits to daily walks and the best of all will be to be able to witness the beauty of the Algarve coast. Did you know that 4 minutes away from Jardim da Meia Praia you can visit one of the longest beaches in Lagos? Discover Meia Praia and walk for your health during the holidays!