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Best Music for the Holidays 2023

Summer heralds the hot and long days, especially for those who find this time of year ideal for a holiday in the Algarve. These are days of relaxation, without obligations, that can be filled with the best music of 2023. Music affects our mood and energy levels, and it is essential for unwinding after a year of work, tasks, and routines. Use your Algarve holiday to rediscover or discover music while enjoying the scenery.

Old but gold music

Music has the power to evoke memories, to bring places, smells and feelings into the present. We often associate songs with summer holidays, travels, parties or gatherings between friends and family. We have some music suggestions from the 60s to the 90s to add to your summer playlist.


Do you hear the first chords of this song and immediately imagine yourself lying on the beach? That's the power of the melody created by the band The Beach Boys, who were inspired by the rhythm of the song Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry. Surfin' USA was written in 1963.


"Holiday" was a big hit of the 1980s and marked Madonna's debut as a pop singer. The song's title alone reveals its meaning, and its lyrics are positive, inspiring listeners to enjoy their free time. This song was released in 1983.


It's impossible to stand still to the flamenco sounds of "Bamboleo" by the Gipsy Kings. The song was written by two band members from Spanish gipsy families and stills get people on the dance floor today. In addition to this song, the well-known "Djobi Djoba" was written in 1987.


This song was a hit in the discos on Saturday nights, and many listened to it at home as they prepared to go out, as seen in the music video by Danish singer Whigfield released in 1994. This song became an anthem for fun and party weekends in the 90s.



Music for relaxation

As mentioned earlier, music can influence our day by filling us with energy or calming us down. Holidays are an excellent time to slow down and enjoy simple activities, such as listening to music by the pool at Meia Praia Garden or on a towel in the middle of Meia Praia Beach. Find out which are the best musics to relax to this summer.


The sweet voice of singer-songwriter Feist can soothe, and the song "1234" is one of those that stays in your head after you hear it. This song became world famous when it was part of the advertising campaign for the iPod Nano. Feist is an indie pop singer with an established career, captivating audiences with her catchy melodies and soulful lyrics.


We present another melancholic voice, this time from Sweden. Singer Jay-Jay Johanson relies on distinct rhythms from electronic music, jazz and trip-hop to create unique melodies like in "I Heard Somebody Whistle", a song that immediately sticks in your mind. We think you won't be able to stop whistling after listening to it. Jay-Jay Johanson is known for his unique style and engaging lyrics.


Hindi Zahra is a singer who grew up in France but is originally from Morocco, the country that inspires her songs. This singer's voice is sweet and engaging, as is the melody of the song "Beautiful Tango". Hindi Zahra combines different musical influences to create a unique and captivating style.


Finally, we present a hymn of Portuguese music. Without a voice, only the Portuguese guitar is in the foreground, masterfully played by Carlos Paredes. When you listen to this song, you'll take a journey through the country in a few minutes, and of course, it's a melody that invites you to relax and feel the Portuguese soul in all its fullness.



Dance music

In this list of the best music for the holidays of 2023, the dance cannot be missing. What is the best effect that music has on us? Perhaps it is the desire to dance non-stop, even if we are not the best dancers. The most important thing is to follow the rhythms and shake your body. Turn your apartment in Jardim da Meia Praia into a small disco, gather the family and dance non-stop to the sounds of our suggestions.


The song was released in the summer of 2022 and is still a hit, just like when it was first released. The lyrics are in Italian, and the instrumental part has influences from electronic music and traditional Italian music. Since its release, it has won over fans with its energy and unique combination of musical styles.


The song "Makeba" is a tribute to the South African singer and human rights activist Miriam Makeba. The rhythms of this song fuse the sounds of the African continent with the beats of electronic music - a fusion created by artist Jain. Prepare to tap your feet from start to finish with this exciting song.


Are you a fan of 90s music? So, you have to hear this rendition of Kenny Dope's "Deep Down" by Ella Eyre and Alok. It's an incredible combination that breathes new life into this iconic song while transporting us back to the sounds of the 1990s.


It's true: if you are happy to be on holiday at Jardim da Meia Praia, clap and dance! The last song suggestion for the summer of 2023 is a hymn to happiness that invites you to dance or at least clap your hands to the rhythm of Pharrell Williams' music.


Enjoy your holiday in the Algarve, forget about everyday life, relax and dance to the sounds of our holiday music recommendations for 2023.