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The 9 best family activities in the Algarve

Whenever you come on holiday, do you ask yourself what you can do in the Algarve? If you are one of those who never come up with creative ideas to spend time with your family, this article is for you! We have prepared some fun activities for people of all ages for the summer of 2022.

1. Centro de Ciência Viva - Lagos

The permanent exhibition of Lagos' Centro de Ciência Viva is "From Astrolabe to GPS", a way to tell a little bit about the history of the navigators who left Lagos for the world. The exhibition is not only about the past; you can also try various present-day technologies and participate in team games. The Centro de Ciência Viva also has several temporary exhibitions throughout the year. With lots of entertainment and enriching learning, this is one of the best places to visit with your family.

For more information: Lagos Centro de Ciência Viva

2. Lagos Parque Aventura

The second suggestion for family activities in the Algarve requires a little courage but offers a lot of fun! At Parque Aventura de Lagos you can climb trees, an activity practised at height, where you have to cross different paths and overcome obstacles between the trees. You can choose the level you want: curious (1 metre high), adventurous (1.20 metres high), fearless (1.40 metres high). In addition to this adventure at height, you can have a paintball game with the whole family. On a field of over 2500 m2, decide on the best strategy to win!

For more information: Lagos Parque Aventura

3. The Lagos Zoo

A place surrounded by nature and curious animals from all over the world can only be a good suggestion. Spend a pleasant day at the Lagos Zoo, where lemurs, lynxes, macaws, and penguins welcome newcomers all year. It is the Algarve's largest zoo, and there is so much to do that you can spend a lot of time there with your family while on holiday. Bring your joy and a bikini to the zoo's artificial beach.

For more information: Zoo de Lagos

4. Mini Golf - Pro Putting Garden

Near the city walls of Lagos, there is a course for golf lovers. If you have never tried this activity, we recommend you try it at least once! The golf course is professionally designed, yet the environment is friendly and welcoming to players of all skill levels. There are two separate courses, one with nine holes for the kids and one with 18 holes. Make your swing perfect in the centre of Lagos and become a master of the Algarve's sport of kings.

For more information: Pro Putting Garden

5. Riding a donkey

The family will love the surprise! Take a ride with the gentlest animals of all, the donkeys of Miranda. They are distinguished by their long brownish fur and long ears. The ride takes place on a farm near Portimão (Mexilhoeira Grande), where you will find other farm animals. BurroVille aims to contribute to the preservation of the Miranda breed, a Portuguese donkey breed. Choose between a tour in the riding arena or on the countryside.

For more information: BurroVille

6. The Museum of Portimão

From an old cannery to a riverside museum. This is the beginning of the narrative of this location, which is our sixth recommendation for Algarve family activities. The permanent exhibition in the Feu Hermanos old factory in Portimão is a real adventure through the identity that still characterises this land linked to the sea and the river. Discover the entire process, from fishing to fish processing and the life of the workers in this former factory. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions in visual arts and photography fields.

For more information: Portimão Museum

7. Portimão Karting Circuit

Adrenaline will be pumping at the Algarve's international karting circuit! Challenge the whole family to a race on this 1531 metre long and 8-metre-wide track in Portimão, located next to the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve. The track has 17 turns for the more skilful drivers, and the allowed maximum speed is 161 km/h. The karting course is challenging, but its design includes milder tracks, suitable for all drivers.

For more information: Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve

8. Pirate ship Santa Bernarda

To sail the seas of the Algarve on a pirate ship is the dream of many children and adults. In Portimão, it is possible to realise this passion on board the ship Santa Bernarda. Experience an unforgettable day of adventure, discover some of the most beautiful caves on the Algarve coast, eat sardines on the beach and finally return with sails hoisted. An unforgettable experience for the whole family on board this ship built in 1968.

For more information: Santa Bernarda

9. Sand sculptures

The Algarve offers unparalleled experiences that are hard to find elsewhere. The ninth suggestion for a family activity is in Lagoa, and contains a lot of sand. Sand City is a place dedicated to sand sculpture, where different artists exhibit their work over several months. Every year there is a different theme, and this year there is something new: every Friday, there are sunsets with live DJs. There is also a dedicated playground area for children.

For more information: Fiesa Sand City

We want your holiday to be unique so you can discover the best activities in the Algarve for the whole family. Follow our suggestions for things to do in the Algarve and organise each activity with our reception team.