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Why is the Western Algarve a perfect holiday destination?

The Algarve divides into two areas: the Eastern and the Western Algarve. In the east is the Sotavento, and in the west is the Barlavento, and each of these areas consists of eight municipalities. In the western Algarve, the municipalities of Vila do Bispo, Aljezur, Monchique, Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa, Silves, and Albufeira make up the Barlavento. The origin of the names of these two Algarve regions is unknown, but they are thought to be related to the nautical term "barlavento." In other words, this term refers to the part of the boat that faces the wind, such as the region's westernmost side.

Now that you know where the Western Algarve is, take the opportunity to explore its beautiful beaches, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic and discover your next holiday destination.

Before you depart, make sure the location is appropriate for your ideal holiday. For this purpose, you need to plan and research your destination. With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to some of the features of the Western Algarve so that you can make the most of your visit.

1. The climate in the Western Algarve

There are several reasons why the Western Algarve is such a popular holiday destination for national and international visitors. Tourism in the Algarve began to impact the lives of locals in the 1960s and became a summer success. The climate in the Algarve is the main draw, with mild summers and mild winters. There are few rainy days, and visitors can enjoy the countryside at any time of year. Minimum temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees, and on hot days, when the thermometer reaches almost 30 degrees, you can always count on a cool breeze from the Atlantic.

2. The beaches of the western Algarve

The pleasant climate of the Western Algarve combines perfectly with the beautiful white sandy beaches and the calm sea. An impressive natural landscape awaits you on this side of the Algarve, with many large and small beaches, some well-known and others yet to be discovered. The bathing season begins on June 1, 2023, so there will be no lifeguard supervision until then.

Lagos has numerous beaches that you can explore as a family, alone or with your travel companion. Just 3 minutes from our resort is Meia Praia, the longest beach in the municipality, with bars, restaurants and free parking. On the other side of the Bensafrim stream is Batata Beach, an urban beach very close to the historic centre of Lagos. From Batata beach, you can walk along the sandy beach to Estudantes beach, where a Roman bridge connects two rock formations.

On the Costa Vicentina, you can feel the Atlantic power, and this invites you to do water sports. The beaches here are wilder and don't have as many bathers, making them an invitation to surfers who take advantage of the tides and winds all year round. Explore the beaches of Amoreira, Arrifana or Bordeira and experience the tranquillity of the west coast.

3. Nature walks in the western Algarve

The Algarve is that holiday destination which immediately reminds us of beaches, sea and good weather. But the region is all that and much more. We are lucky to have a wide sandy beach, the mountains and the Barrocal in the west of the Algarve. These areas enrich the visitor's experience and make for a varied holiday.

The Monchique Mountains are an excellent example of how the Algarve can also be a rural holiday destination. From the top of Foia (the highest point of the Serra de Monchique), you can see the coast of the western Algarve and the mountains that protect the coastal towns from the north winds. Amid greenery, among trees and birdsong, nature walks can be one of the main activities of a family holiday.

In Lagos, in the Mata de Barão de São João, nature lovers meet to walk or gather the family around the picnic table. Use the communal barbecue, discover poems engraved on the stones along the path, or take part in an outdoor art exhibition. To celebrate the potential of this place, the Mata de Barão de São João hosts the annual Walk&Art Festival.


4. The Algarve cuisine

It's no secret that Algarve cuisine has a particular fondness for fish and seafood caught off the coast, and that alone would entice any visitor to dine at one of the region's restaurants. However, the Algarve's gastronomy is influenced by many factors, and the fresh sea flavours are only the beginning of a very tasty journey. If you want to get a true taste of the Algarve, avoid restaurants with international menus. Our recipes are based on seasonal ingredients that are prepared fresh and simply to bring out the true flavour of the ingredients. Several restaurants near the Jardim da Meia Praia resort serve authentic Algarve gastronomic treasures. Take a look at them by clicking here.


The Western Algarve is an excellent holiday destination with a mild climate, beautiful beaches, nature walks, and a rich and tasty gastronomy made with fresh ingredients. Visitors can enjoy the white sandy beaches and calm sea because temperatures are pleasant all year. They can visit wilder areas such as the Costa Vicentina and participate in water sports. Hiking in the region's mountains and forests is also a nice contrast to the Algarve's coastal landscapes.