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Earth Hour - Eco-Friendly Holidays

Today, March 25, 2023, is Earth Hour, an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of adopting new practices to protect our planet. Join this initiative and discover our tips for a sustainable holiday.

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an initiative launched by World Wide Fund and has been celebrated since 2007. The first Earth Hour took place in Sydney and spread to other countries to raise awareness of greener practices. Today, it is a driving force behind one of the largest campaigns against climate change, which always takes place on the last Saturday in March. What started in a single country is now celebrated in over 187 countries.

In 2014, one of the goals was achieved through a motion by Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio at the United Nations Summit. Finally, the problems of global warming were to be discussed, and large-scale global action was to be taken.

Two years later, in 2016, the Paris Agreement was signed to reduce gas emissions, which also set the goal of keeping the planet's average temperature between 1.5 and 2 degrees.

As the name of the initiative suggests, we are invited to switch off the lights and electronic devices in our homes for one hour on the last Saturday in March. During this time, we can also spend 60 minutes doing activities related to the theme. The lights will be turned off from 8.30 to 9.30 pm on March 25.


Who can take part in the Earth Hour campaign?

Everyone can make a difference for 60 minutes on the last Saturday in March. Every citizen can participate at home by turning off all electricity and doing activities related to this theme. World Wide Found suggests an activity that can be used in everyday life. It consists of organising varied meals, reducing the consumption of animal protein and encouraging the use of fresh products, taking into account the seasonality of each. This small change in your behaviour will help to decarbonise the planet. Click here for more tips on this environmentally friendly activity.

Not only citizens can join this initiative, but also companies, organisations and communities.

How can you enjoy an eco-friendly holiday?

First of all, your choice of holiday destination should depend on how well the country manages to reduce its ecological footprint. Climate change is a global issue, so EU countries should continue to collaborate to reduce their carbon footprint, as outlined in the Paris Agreement. By 2050, the carbon footprint should be neutral, and Europe will be the first economy and society to achieve this. In general, all EU countries are on track to achieve this goal, and travellers should choose holiday destinations that commit to reducing their carbon footprint. See where countries stand.

Portugal is already making several efforts in this direction, and at the Resort Jardim da Meia Praia, we want to contribute to this goal with several environmentally friendly measures. For this project to continue, we count on the cooperation of each guest of our resort. There are small measures that can make your stay more sustainable. We have some tips on how you can do this.

Tips for an environmentally friendly holiday

  • Reduce your disposable consumption – use our reusable glass water bottle throughout your stay. You can get your bottle at reception and reuse it at the filling stations. In our apartments and villas, items are also reusable and at your disposal. We have also replaced the traditional amenities of shampoo and shower gel bottles with environmentally friendly refillable dispensers. We use recycled paper for promotional materials but prefer digital media to communicate our messages whenever possible.


  • Water-saving tips – It is never too late to remember to save water in our daily lives. At our resort, we work hard to reduce the waste of this valuable resource. As a result, information on how to do so has been implemented in each accommodation, and an internal management plan to reduce water consumption has been developed. The taps in the apartments and other common areas have flow reducers, and we have reduced the amount of towel washing and cleaning products used.


  • Recycling on holiday – There are several recycling stations in Jardim da Meia Praia. They can be found in all accommodations, the pool area, and other public areas. Near the recycling points, there is information on how to properly separate waste.


  • Eat local and seasonal produce – Experience Portuguese culture through gastronomy and help the environment by choosing fresh, local and seasonal produce. You can eat healthy while supporting the region's small producers at Lagos' fish, vegetable, and fruit markets. The environment also thanks you for choosing these products, most of which don't use genetically modified organisms, pollutants or pesticides.


  • Green mobility on holiday – Get to know Lagos and the region with green transport. Walk or cycle through the streets of Lagos and see every corner of the city. Public transport is also a way to get to know other cities during your stay. Please contact our reception for information on public transportation schedules and tickets.

Learn more about our environmentally conscious actions here.


Do not forget to switch off the lights from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm today to give our planet an hour's rest. Together we have the task of preserving nature and the environment!